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Skinomi Installation Instructions for Phones

Skinomi TechSkin Installation Instructions for Cell Phones (Screens):

1. Preparation

TechSkin Installation • Make sure the device is turned off, and if possible, remove the battery before installation.
TechSkin Installation2 • Wash your hands and wet your fingertips before handling any TechSkin™ pieces. This will help prevent fingerprints from forming on the film.
TechSkin Installation3 • Clean the device with a lint-free cloth, removing any dirt, grime, or fingerprints.
2. Installation
TechSkin Installation1 • Spray a fine but even layer of solution on the adhesive side of the TechSkin™piece you wish to install. Keep in mind that you do not need very much solution during installation. A Fine but even layer is the key to a good, clean install.
TechSkin Installation2 • Apply the TechSkin™ piece to the device with the adhesive side facing down. Begin with the larger pieces first, as they will act as a guide for small pieces. If a particular corner or small piece is not adhering to the device, let it dry for a few minutes before trying again.
TechSkin Installation3 • Wrap a credit card or hard plastic card in the included microfiber cloth. and gently push the excess solution and bubbles away from the center toward the edges.
3. Perfection
Skinomi Perfect Install 3 • Please allow a few hours for the film to set and at least 4-5 hours before powering on your device.
Skinomi Perfect Install 2 • You can use a hair dryer, on low-setting, to quicken the process and help the film set faster.
Skinomi Perfect Install • Micro-bubbles, streaks, and imperfections will disappear within 2-3 days.
WARNING: As with any electronic device, exposing the device to excessive water, fluids or liquids may cause harm to the device. Skinomi™ will not be responsible for damages caused by excessive use of water or other liquid solutions during installation. Furthermore, Skinomi will not be responsible for damages that that may occur from improper installation or removal of TechSkin, DryTech, Design Skin or any products offered by Skinomi or its affiliates.

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