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Skinomi Tech Glass™ Screen Protector Installation Video:

1. Preparation

• Prepare a clean surface to work on. Be sure the area is free from dust and lint, as any particles can interfere with a clean installation.
• Wash your hands thoroughly, removing dirt, dust, and oils.
• With the included microfiber cloth, wipe off any visible dust, debris and lint from the screen of the device, then use the included dust removal tape to remove any remaining dust particles, making sure you do not touch the screen in the process.
2. Installation
• Hold the sides of the Skinomi Tech Glass screen protector so the protective layer is facing down and remove the protective layer marked as “Start (1).” Do not touch the uncovered adhesive side of the screen protector.
• Carefully align the top, bottom, and sides of the screen protector to the area of your device. Be sure to note that cutouts for buttons and speakers are centered and aligned. Very carefully lower the Tech Glass when you achieve the desired alignment. Please note that simply aligning one portion of the screen (top/bottom) will not align the entire screen. If it is not aligned perfectly, quickly lift the screen up and try again.
3. Perfection
• Using your fingers firmly push any bubbles out towards the edges of your device. The Skinomi Tech Glass has a unique adhesive that allows you to push any bubbles out. You can also use the included squeegee to remove any remaining bubbles.
• Finally, clean your new screen protector with the microfiber cloth and you’re done!
WARNING: As with any electronic device, exposing the device to excessive water, fluids or liquids may cause harm to the device. Skinomi™ will not be responsible for damages caused by excessive use of water or other liquid solutions during installation. Furthermore, Skinomi will not be responsible for damages that that may occur from improper installation or removal of TechSkin, DryTech, Design Skin or any products offered by Skinomi or its affiliates.

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