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Carbon Fiber, Wood & Metal Series Skin Installation & Removal Instructions

Skinomi DesignSkin™ Installation
Carbon Fiber, Natural Wood & Brushed Metal


  •   • Make sure the device is turned off, and if possible, remove the battery before

  •   • Wash your hands and dry them before handling any DesignSkin Pieces.

  •   • Clean the device with a lint-free cloth removing any dirt, grime, or fingerprints.

  •   • Identify the DesignSkin Pieces and where they fit by comparing to the device.


  •   • Apply DesignSkin Pieces to the device, adhesive side down and using a credit
      card or hard plastic card, push bubbles away from center of the film towards
      the edges.

  •   • Set the device down onto a heat-resistant surface. Set your blow dryer or heat
      gun on medium heat (or low if it only has 2 settings), with the blowing power on

  •   • Point the warm air towards the parts of the skin that are peeling off the device.
      Wait until the skin is slightly softer before tacking it onto the device.

  •   * The heat will activate the adhesive properties of the film and allow it to adhere
      completely. Please use caution during this step. Avoid exposing your device to
      excessive heat.

(For Clear TechSkin™ Only)

  •   • Identify Clear TechSkin™ Pieces and where they fit by comparing them to the

  •   • With wet fingers, remove the TechSkin™ from backing paper and spray adhesive
      side with the solution. Do not let the film stick to anything that is not wet.

  •   • Apply TechSkin™ pieces to the device, with the adhesive side facing down. Align
      the film using any holes, logos and buttons as a guide. Apply the skin starting
      one side to the other side.

  •   • Wrap a credit card or hard plastic card in the included microfiber cloth and gently
      push the excess solution and bubbles away from the center toward the edges of the
      film. AVOID pushing the solution and bubbles into any holes, speakers or buttons
      on the device.


    •   • Please allow a few hours for the film to set and at least 4-5 hours before
        powering on your device.

    •   • You can use a hair dryer, on low-setting, to quicken the process and help the film
        set faster.

    •   • Micro-bubbles, streaks, and imperfections will disappear within 2-3 days.

Skinomi Screen Protector Installation Video:

Skinomi Design Full Body Installation Video:

Skinomi Screen Protector & Skin Removal

  •   • Find a suitable corner on the device to begin removing the film.

    •   • Apply low heat to the selected corner for about 10 seconds. Begin by carefully
        lifting the edge of the film away from the device.

    •   • Support the device with your other hand close to the area where you are removing
        the film. This may take some time on larger devices as TechSkin is extremely tough
        and durable.

    •   * Tip – For best results use a hair dryer on “low” setting to aid in the removal

      •   • Slowly peel back the film while adjusting your grip to be closer to where the film is
          being removed. Check the film every few centimeters. Continue to apply low heat to
          the areas that are still adhering to the device and peel slowly and carefully until 30%
          of the film is removed.

      •   WARNING - Never apply heat from sources such as an open flame, butane
          torches, or settings higher than “low” on your hair dryer.

        •   • Select a different corner of the device and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the film is
            completely off of the device.

1. Is the application solution harmful to my device?

Small amounts are not harmful, but try to avoid getting the solution into speakers, mic, usb, or sim ports. Turn off the device and remove battery if possible.

2. My screen protector looks hazy, is it ruined?

Allow 24-48 hours for the solution to evaporate and the film to set. The protector will be 100% clear.

3. My screen protector has bubbles. I have had it on for 24 hours. Is there anything I can do?

Most bubbles will clear as the liquid evaporates, larger bubbles may take longer and some may not clear. Allow a few days for bubbles to clear, if they don’t, Skinomi does offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.

4. Will this screen/skin protector be compatible with my case?

Case manufacturers have differing tolerances for fitment. Some will work while others may damage the film. Generally looser fitting cases like those made of silicone, rubber, and leather will work, while tighter fitting plastic cases may not. Although not recommended, sometimes omitting the Skinomi side pieces of a full body protector may allow the case to fit.

5. My screen/skin protector will not adhere, what can I do?

This is usually caused by having excess liquid under the protector, attempt to squeegee out as much liquid and allow the film to dry for 15 minutes before returning to your installation. Alternately, you can speed up the drying process by using a blow dryer in “low” setting.

6. I do not like the way the screen protector looks right now, can I remove it and try again?

If it was just applied, you can carefully remove it and re-install the protector. Take care not to touch the adhesive side with dry fingers. Also, due to the properties of the film, the protector may stretch. Leave the film to revert to its original size before reinstalling.

7. My screen protector is too large or too small.

Do not squeegee with excessive force as the film will stretch. Check to make sure the protector you purchased is for your specific model. If it is, contact customer support.

8. My screen protector has a scratch, will that go away?

Small scratches will gradually heal themselves over time.

9. The application solution bottle is empty, what can I do?

The solution is made of a very small amount of detergent and water. Its purpose is to help the film move during installation, making it much easier to adjust the film. Please visit the manufacturers website to learn how to make the solution.

10. Is the application solution required in order to apply this screen protector?

Yes, it is required. It allows the film to be adjusted during installation and allows it to be 100% transparent, after the film sets.

11. I applied my screen protector and it is now peeling, can I re use this one?

No. Contact customer support for your lifetime replacement warranty. Peeling is generally caused by installing the protector too close to the edges of your device.

12. Will the screen protector affect my device’s screen sensitivity?

No. The screen protector will not affect sensitivity.

13. I cannot figure out where the small pieces of the skin protector lay on my device, is there an installation video for this?

Start with the largest pieces first then work your way down to the smallest pieces. Panels are grouped together for ease of installation.

14. Do I spray the screen protector and my device?

Never spray the device directly.

15. The squeegee is missing, can I use an alternative?

Skinomi no longer provides a squeegee. However you can use any plastic card such as a debit card, membership card, etc. wrapped with the included microfiber cloth to soak up excess solution.

16. Will the screen protector be difficult to swipe with?

There will be some added friction immediately after installation but this will disappear within a few days.

WARNING: As with any electronic device, exposing the device to excessive water, fluids or liquids may cause harm to the device. Skinomi™ will not be responsible for damages caused by excessive use of water or other liquid solutions during installation. Furthermore, Skinomi will not be responsible for damages that that may occur from improper installation or removal of TechSkin, DryTech, Design Skin or any products offered by Skinomi or its affiliates.

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